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Hey everyone, my name is Ivana and I am a lifestyle blogger based in Vienna, Austria. I started the blog "Naomella - lovely little life treasures" because I was in need of a new hobby and I was looking for something where I can express my writing skills - since I have a degree in science of communication - and my passion for fashion. I consider myself as the girl next door and I write about everything I love: my dogs, my hubby, my baby girl, fashion & beauty, food & travel and much more.

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A Story with a Happy Ending

My dears, I´ve mentioned in the last blogpost that our little cutie Naomi had a surgery at the end of March and I promised you to tell you all the details soon. So here we go. The other day at the end of my pregnancy I discovered a knot in the breast area while cuddling with Naomi. For a moment my heart stood still. It was like a deja vu. My first dog Doris died because of breast cancer and it was also me who spotted the knots back then. Our vet confirmed the diagnosis…

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It´s getting personal

Our world #April2017

My dears, since time flies and I don´t want to forget all the beautiful moments that happened in my life I decided to capture all the precious happenings in a monthly blogpost and to share them with you. Let´s start with April 2017. April is by the way my favorite month of the year. I guess this is because I was born in April and I love to celebrate my birthday. The greatest birthday gift this year has been the great news that my little princess Naomi will recover fully. I really do thank god…

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The cutest Spring Fashion for Baby Girls

My lovelies, let´s continue with the very first blogpost on baby fashion for girls. Since having Fabienne my shopping behaviour changed completely. For example I enjoy much more to shop baby stuff than to buy something for myself – I will give you more details on that in a seperate blogpost in the near future. Especially clothing for baby girls is so extremely cute and very hard to resist not to buy them although I take care not to shop too much for my little monkey since babies grow too fast. Some moms I know…