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Hey everyone, my name is Ivana and I am a lifestyle blogger based in Vienna, Austria. I started the blog "Naomella - lovely little life treasures" because I was in need of a new hobby and I was looking for something where I can express my writing skills - since I have a degree in science of communication - and my passion for fashion. I consider myself as the girl next door and I write about everything I love: my dogs, my hubby, my baby girl, fashion & beauty, food & travel and much more.

About me

Getting a dog, Parenthood

How it is to have a toddler and two dogs

How it is to have a baby or a toddler and a dog or even dogs? I´ve always imagined my life with a hubby, kids and pets, just like we all know this kind of domestic happiness from Hollywood movies. But do pets really bring us happiness in our everyday life or do they mean trouble and more work? Before I gave birth to Fabienne some people even close friends asked me if we would get rid of our dogs after the arrival of our baby girl. I was always overwhelmed by this question, wondering…

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Fashion & Beauty, Pretty Little Things

Must have of the Month: Layered Necklace with Hearts

My dears, I am all into accessories and so I have to show you my newest necklace that Aphrodite have sent me. It’s a wonderful layered chain with two hearts and you know from several blog posts how much I love everything that is heartshaped. I also enjoy to discover new online shops and I am sure many other fashionistas do so too. Apropos hearts, if you have read my post Sparkling jewels and some thoughts on true love you may know that I’ve always believed in true love and in happily ever after. I…

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Multi-cultural, Viennese

A Serbian Orthodox Baptism

My dears, today I´d like to tell you a little bit more about the Serbian orthodox baptism and this religion in general. Fabienne and Iwan got baptised on Fabienne´s first birthday and so all three of us are now Serbian orthodox. I was very positively surprised how welcoming and openminded the Serbian Church has been and also how uncomplicated.  I was worrying about the name Fabienne, because it´s not an orthodox one and about Iwan, because he has a total different cultural background. But there were no obstacles. If anything the church was very happy…