Santorini Impressions – Part II

My lovelies, today I’d love to show you some further impressions of Santorini. In the first blogpost about this beautiful island I introduced to you the Nea Kameni Volcano, the archaeological Akrotiri, the red and the white beach and the Karavolades stairs. Today’s post features of course the impressive place Oia and it’s breathtaking sundown, that you already may know …

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Must have of the Month: Magazine Catch by WestwingNow

When checking out first I had no clue what I was exactly looking for. Iwan and bought our flat 6 years ago, so we completed furnishing a long time ago. But somehow there is always some space for new pretty little things, right? And so I felt in love with this beautiful magazine catch by the American brand Jayes …

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Beauties of the Month

My lovelies, I hope you are having a great summer so far and that you are enjoying these hot days to the fullest. Today I´ll show you some of my favorite beauty products that I love right now. It came out that water melons aren´t only my favorite choice when it comes to fruits. So here we go: Essie Sizzling …

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Pets Deli

Do you already know Pets Deli? At Pets Deli you’ll get qualitative, healthy and delicious food for dogs and cats. Why I know that the food tastes good? Because of Naomi! While Flacky eats almost everything you serve him, Naomi is very picky! There are days when we have to feed her like a baby, otherwise she wouldn’t eat anything …

Posted by On Jun 30, 2016
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Must have of the Month: Please return to Tiffany & Co.

Who of us is not dreaming of getting something from Tiffany & Co.? Recently my lovely friend Sandra surprised me with a lovely bracelet of this brand. The first thing I had on mind and I told to her was “Are you crazy, Jewels from Tiffany & Co. are too expensive!”. In my opinion they really are. Of course they …

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My favorite online shops

Do you prefer online shopping or in store shopping? I am totally the online shopper. It just saves me so much time and over the years I really got unused to wait in the queues and to waste so much time on changing clothes. For me it´s easier to order the stuff I am falling for online and to return …

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Santorini Impressions – Part I

Today I ‘d love to share with you some Santorini impressions. Iwan and I were there few years ago and in our opinion this is one of the most beautiful islands and holiday destinations in Europe. Most of the Greek postcards are taken on Santorini. Did you know that? Also many couples decide to marry on Santorini or/and to spend …

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When our little ones get hurt

Those of you who are following me on Snapchat (Username Naomella) may know that Flacky has some healthy issues. So here’s what happened. The other day few weeks ago it was on a Friday afternoon I saw that Flacky could not move his hind legs. I realized that while I was on the phone with a friend who just lives …

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