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Hey everyone, my name is Ivana and I am a lifestyle blogger based in Vienna, Austria. I started the blog "Naomella - lovely little life treasures" because I was in need of a new hobby and I was looking for something where I can express my writing skills - since I have a degree in science of communication - and my passion for fashion. I consider myself as the girl next door and I write about everything I love: my dogs, my hubby, my baby girl, fashion & beauty, food & travel and much more.

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Croatia Impressions

My dears, the last week of July we spent in Croatia and today I´d like to show you some impressions of our holidays. Did we have a great time? Yes, of course, but travelling with a baby and two dogs also means that it is impossible that the vacation will be free of stress. Besides eight days are just too short to recover fully. I wish we could have stayed longer on holidays, but since Iwan is having a new job since April this year, we are lucky that he was allowed to take leave…


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Must have of the Month: Dolce Rosa Excelsa

My dears, like I´ve already mentioned in my last blogpost, last month I enjoyed some shopping and I spent too much money on pretty little things. Also in July I had to buy some stuff that was on sale or so damn cute. Maybe the shopping mood just comes with the summer season, you know summer, sun, fun… According to my work colleague it´s also the stress and like already said June was such an intense month. Yes, this theory also makes sense in my eyes too. Actually I don´t have to feel that bad…

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Our world #June2017

My dears, somehow I am really happy that June is over and July has arrived. June was such an intense month, like I already mentioned in my last blogpost, with lot of work and organisation stuff to do for our holidays. I also met my lovely friends quite often. So this month I have enough food photos in stock to show you, so unlike the last month. One thing is for sure, I wish a day would have more than just 24 hours. Since I become mom I´d really need a day to have more…

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