How to host a Serbian Dinner Party

From time to time my lovely friends Sabine and Yvonne and I meet as a trio for a delicious dinner and enjoy hanging out together. First Sabine organised a yummy grill dinner and then Yvonne cooked Romanian dishes (she ain’t from Romania, she’s from Switzerland but has a special bond with Romania since she lived and worked there for some …

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How to protect your own pet from aggressive dogs

Today I’d like to tell you a true story about something terrible that happened few weeks ago to my lovely friend Sandra and her dog Beno. While walking the dog a pit bull ran across the street and attacked Beno. Hi bit his neck and it took a while til the pit bull stopped. Two adults were needed therefor. Blessedly …

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Baby Shower & Pregnancy Update #3

My dears it’s time for a new pregnancy update featuring all details about the baby shower. I am due in 5 weeks so I am now 35 weeks pregnant. Can’t believe how soon my little sweetheart will arrive. The upcoming week we are even going to start with prenatal acupuncture that should reduce delivery pain. How I felt the last …

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Beauties of the Month

It’s time for a round beauties of the month. This issue features products that may help you to fight wrinkles, damaged hair, discolored teeth, hard skin and uneven skin tone. Here are the 5 beauty products I love right now: Eucerin HYALURON-FILLER Night Cream We all can use some anti-wrinkle care treatment right? Currently I am using the face cream …

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Julischwarz by Ingried Brugger

My lovelies, today I want to share with you some impressions of the MQ Vienna Fashion Week. Iwan and I visited the show of Ingried Brugger and I have to confess I fell in love with her new collection named Julischwarz! Since it was our anniversary day I thought it would be a nice idea to accept the invitation and …

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Santorini Impressions – Part III

My lovelies, as promised, here comes the third and last part of Santorini impressions. As already announced, this post will only contain pictures of this amazing island other than part 1 and part 2, where you´ll find informations on what we have visited. The summer is almost over and I have to say that I am not unhappy that we …

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The perfect Transitional Dress – from Summer to Fall

Today I´d like to show you my newest maternity dress. It’s from the label “Neun Monate” and I got it via ABOUT YOU, where you´ll find a wide range of beautiful dresses. What I like about this dress is, that it is the perfect transitional dress. You can wear it at the end of the summer when the nights get …

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A new dress & Pregnancy Update #2

My lovelies, as promised here comes a new pregnancy update. Time is flying and only 10 weeks are left til our little princess arrives. That´s why all the necessary preparations has to be made. We have said goodbye to our guest room and are turning it into a nursery. Some stuff we sold online via, some things we gave …

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