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Hey everyone, my name is Ivana and I am a lifestyle blogger based in Vienna, Austria. I started the blog "Naomella - lovely little life treasures" because I was in need of a new hobby and I was looking for something where I can express my writing skills - since I have a degree in science of communication - and my passion for fashion. I consider myself as the girl next door and I write about everything I love: my dogs, my hubby, my baby girl, fashion & beauty, food & travel and much more.

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Fashion Update

Summer Holiday Travel Essentials

In collaboration with Emilia Lay. My dears, we´ve just spent a wonderful week on the Greek island Kos. Very soon there will be some blogposts featuring our holidays, so stay tuned. Our learning from this vacation? Not to pack that much stuff anymore. The next time I definitely want to avoid overpacking. This time I had too many dresses, nail polishes, shoes and beauty products with me. Somehow I can understand that I wanted all this stuff with me. Especially on holidays you want to look beautiful and to pamper yourself. The thing is also…

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It´s getting personal, Lifestyle

Our world #spring2018

Summer has officially arrived, so it’s time to remember all the lovely moments that spring was holding for us. Spring is by the way my favorite season of a year, although I also do like autumn, winter and summer I enjoy spring the most. I think this may have  to do something with the fact  that I was born in April and with the shiny weather and the beautiful flowers. Everything is awakening. I love that. How about you, how have you enjoyed the spring time? Running Sushi for the very first time with Fabienne was very funny…


Pretty Little Things

An adorable Bachelorette brunch on a budget

My lovelies, summertime is wedding time. Bachelorette parties and wedding celebrations are common. Few weeks ago I had the honor to organize a bachelorette party, btw I love event planning – more precisely a bachelorette brunch. Yes, not everyone is into a crazy and wild nightlife. Some bachelorettes prefer a cozy get-together and that´s also a lovely way to celebrate. Such a party does not have to be expensive. Pretty organized? Oh yes. I have booked a table in a restaurant with health food because I knew that the person who was celebrating would appreciate…

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