It´s getting personal, Momlife


Meet Mateo, our surprise baby! The best surprise ever of course! We always knew that we wanted more kids and that Fabienne should have siblings one day. Actually we had planned IVF for May or June this year, but 2019 was holding the best news for us! On January third I took a pregnancy test just for fun. I was only few days late and I had one test at home left over. I never believed it would be positive. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw two lines! I was never holding a positive pregnancy test in my hands before, so this was just so unbelievable to me. Especially since it took us five years to conceive Fabienne. Immediately I ran into the pharmacy to buy another test, and also the second one showed that we are pregnant! Full of panic I called my gynecologist and asked her if pregnancy tests are trustable. Of course they are and she congratulated us! We never believed that we would conceive naturally and we were so greatful for this blessing! Unlike my prior pregnancies this one was smooth, no complications, but I suffered from nausea and I vomited til the very end. We kept this pregnancy secret from all family members and only people who were seeing us on a daily basis knew! We also did not announce it on the blog. We wanted to protect our growing family from negative energy and resentment. This time we have chosen a planned c-section because of organizational issues and because my gynecologist recommended so. She said this is the best for me and the baby. After going through an unplanned c-section with Fabienne I never thought I would ever say yes to a c-section in my life again, but this time it was the only right decision for our family and we are happy that we’ve welcomed our healthy baby boy Mateo on 28 of August. I am feeling great too and can confirm that a planned c-section is something totally different from an unplanned one! I´ll talk about this in a separate blogpost soon. But for now we are going to enjoy the next weeks and months as much as we can as a family of six, including our dogs of course.

Our little cutie has already had his first photo shooting during our stay at the hospital. Of course, I have to show you some of this beautiful pics. For all those living in Austria, this amazing photographies were taken by the lovely Maria Gaspar. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we do.