Welcome to my blog

Hey everyone, my name is Ivana and I am a lifestyle blogger based in Vienna, Austria. I started the blog “Naomella – lovely little life treasures” because I was in need of a new hobby and I was looking for something where I can express my writing skills and my passion for fashion. I consider myself as the girl next door and I write about everything I love. Let me show you all insights of a heartwarming and turbulent family-life as a working mom with two toddlers and two dogs, and an uncompelling love for fashion.

My family is my biggest treasure, so of course my daughter Fabienne, my son Mateo and my two cocker spaniels Naomi & Flacky have to be part of my blog. They simply mean the world to me.

My biggest love are my children Fabienne & Mateo. It took me five years to become a mom. I have lost triples on that way, but couldn’t be more grateful for having Fabienne & Mateo, they are perfect to me. Read more in the category PARENTHOOD.

Some interesting storys on the dogs you’ll find in the category DOGGY LOVE.

I am looking forward to meet new people and make new friends and to get to know my readers better! I hope you are enjoying my blog and don’t hesitate to contact me whenever you want!


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