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Beauties of the Month

My lovelies, I’d love to introduce to you my favorite three beauty products right now. Let’s start with my two beauty favorites by MAC and best sellers Prep & Prime and Prep & Prime Fix. It’s especially in summer necessary to use products that help to prepare our skin for makeup and to fix our foundation. My morning routine looks like this currently. After washing my face with cold or luke-warm water I apply my day cream and wait a little bit before adding a primer. In the meantime I usually brush my hair. By the way use your daily cream frugally and let it be well absorbed by your skin before applying primer, otherwise both consistences will crumble away. This was always my issue with primers in the past, but a lovely MAC makeup artist told me what I was doing wrong. Usually I love to use the Prep…

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Fashion Update

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When is it worth to invest in Fashion?

My dears, first of all a Happy New Year with lots of love, health and happiness! I hope you all had a merry Christmas and wonderful holidays! One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to continue with low shopping and to shop even more conscious. There are many great reasons to do so. One of them is cause I have everything I need and far beyond that. I do declutter on a regular basis, but still feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff. I still spend too mich time on cleaning and organizing my home. I know that I probably will never become a minimalist, although I am fascinating by this lifestyle, the reasons why I explained here in this blogpost. Yet I want to try harder on low shopping and to spend my money even more careful than last year. This means mostly spending my hard earned money on needs,…

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Pretty Little Things

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The most beautiful Touchscreen Gloves

In collaboration with My dears, it´s Christmas time, the most amazing period of the year. As much as I love this time, there is one bad thing about it. We tend to overspend our hard earned money, cause we are surrounded by too cute stuff around Christmas and great offers and sales. Social Media makes it even easier to spend money. I have to confess that also I love to spend a lot of money in December. First of all I love Christmas and I love to pamper my lovely ones. Nevertheless I try to stay focused and to keep applying low shopping at least when it comes to my own wardrobe. Something that was missing in my closet were touchscreen gloves. I love winter in Europe, especially when it is snowing, but I hate the coldness. We are all kind of addicted to our mobile phones, why we…

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