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Iced Berries with White Chocolate Sauce and Almonds

Are you looking for a refreshing, delicious summer dessert? I have adapted the recipe “Iced Berries with Limoncello White Chocolate Sauce” by Nigella Lawson and created a non-alcoholic dessert, that I can enjoy during my pregnancy with good conscience. From this and this dessert idea you know that I am a fan of quick preparation. For the following recipe you only need 15 minutes of your precious time to serve a delicious dessert to your guests. What do you need? 250ml heavy cream 200g white chocolate 500g frozen berries 30g flaked almonds Plate via WestwingNow Step 1: Put the heavy cream in a pan and heat it, add the chopped white chocolate and boil until the chocolate is melted. Step 2: Take the berries (rapsberries or strawberries or mixed berries) out of the freezer and arrange them on a beautiful plate. Step 3: Pour over the white chocolate sauce. Step…

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The most beautiful Wallpapers by Photowall

In friendly collaboration with Photowall. Who of you knows Photowall and has his apartment with their products already brightened up? I’ve been a big fan of this Swedish brand since last year and I especially like their designer wallpapers. Here you really have the agony of choice, the selection is huge, really huge, so take a lot of time for the search and decision – and when it comes to patterns, one more beautiful than the other. For the renovation of our living room wall, I ordered various samples of my favorites and then decided to go for Lustre Arrangement. Setting on a wallpaper was so hard. I ordered six samples and four of them were an absolute dream. I asked my husband and my brother to help me with the final decision, but they couldn’t decide either because all the patterns were so beautiful. By the way, I definitely…

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It´s getting personal

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Frugal February & The Year of Less

Hey my dears, yeah, it’s February and like the last two years, I would like to take part in Frugal February this year too. If you want to find out more, I recommend reading my previous blog post on this topic and of course following the inventor of Frugal February Canna Campbell on her YouTube channel SugarMammaTV and on Instagram, she has an IGVideo about it, where all the rules for this challenge are very well explained. In short, it is about being verey intentional with money this month, spending it wisely and only on needs. That is to say that this month splurging money on wants is not allowed, so say hello to a shopping ban for the next four weeks. There are many reasons for doing Frugal February! To save on something like Canna, who dedicates the money she saves to her $ 1000 project. I can also…

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Mateo’s 1st Birthday

Hey my dears, long time no see, but here we go with a new blogpost featuring Mateo’s first birthday. The last months were very busy, having two small kids, a job and so many commitments just made it impossible to work on my blog. Now Mateo is going to day care and I am hopefully going to have a bit time for Naomella again. Back to Mateo’s first birthday, actually we wanted to combine his baptism and first birthday like we did back then with Fabienne. But due to Corona we changed our plans. It was just too risky for the godparents to come from Serbia to Austria. So we postponed the baptism and as soon things are getting better with Corona, we will catch up on it. Nevertheless the first birthday is something very special, so we celebrated at home with some dearest ones. I also wanted to have a…

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Perfect Getaways

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Salzburg Christmas Market

My dears, Sunday two weeks ago we visited Salzburg and the Christmas Market there. Since years I was dreaming of going there and this year Iwan made my wish come true. And although it was a rainy and cold day, we spend such a lovely time in the town of Mozart. With no stress or hectic we walked from the central station to old town. Apropos we paid around 170 € for the train tickets from Vienna to Salzburg and back including the annual pass for two persons for one year. The journey there was great. Fabienne was sleeping and also during the day she was very calm, but the return run was not that smooth. Even our iPad was not of big help. If you have any suggestions on how to entertain a kid while travelling with train, please let me know. Here are some impressions of our day…

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