Fashion Update, Multi-cultural

About Luisaviaroma and some thoughts on consumption

In collaboratoion with Luisaviaroma. My dears, today I’d like to introduce to you the online-shop Luisaviaroma and to share with you some personal thoughts on consumption. As you know there are many vlogs about minimalism and zero waste out there and I have to say that I really enjoy watching them and I do support these lifestyles. Especially on my holidays (like recently on Kos or before in Piran) I experienced the pros of having less and I remember how much fun I had creating a look out of few pieces. The western world just owns too much stuff, especially when it comes to fashion, me included. But the last years I’ve constantly worked on myself, have progressed, but there is still much space for improvement. And as much as I like the concept of minimalism deep inside of me I know that I would never adopt this lifestyle fully….

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We love Vienna

Viennese, We love Vienna


In collaboration with Kussmaul. My dears, today I want to introduce to you the restaurant Kussmaul, that is located in the Bakerstreet 5 in the first district of Vienna. As you may know I do celebrate everything multicultural, so it was clear that I would like Kussmaul. Its´ owners are from former Yugoslavia and the kitchen is Mediterranean and international as well as Viennese influenced. Kussmaul is a high quality restaurant -with 1 Michelin star and 2 awards – offerring a wide range of domestic and international wines and an exquisite cuisine. That’s why it is the perfect place for romantic dinners and special occasions. I´ve been there with work for our annual team dinner and we were also thinking about celebrating the office Christmas party there. Kussmaul is two-storey, so there’s enough space. If you want to book an event there, you have to be quick, since there’s a…

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